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Types of self-adhesive labels


Adhesive labels are divided into two types based on their material: paper adhesive labels and plastic adhesive labels. Paper stickers have a soft texture and are suitable for printing various colors and patterns, with a relatively low price; And plastic stickers have a hard texture, good waterproofing, and strong corrosion resistance, making them suitable for harsh external environments. In addition, according to the required operating viscosity, self-adhesive labels can also be divided into three types: easy to peel, general, and permanent.

Types, production, and application of self-adhesive labels

Production of self-adhesive labels

The production of self-adhesive labels requires the printing content to be sprayed onto the back of the self-adhesive through equipment, and then produced through processes such as lamination, lamination, and cutting. Among them, there are two ways to print content: first, through gravure printing, corresponding words or patterns are carved on a silicone rubber plate, and printed using a color separation and layer by layer brushing method; Second, through Digital printing, the design draft is first input into the computer, and the pigment is selected according to needs, and then the pattern is directly printed on the self-adhesive label through digital ink-jet technology.

During the production process, the quality of self-adhesive labels is influenced by various factors, such as production equipment, raw materials, environment, and process flow. Manufacturers need to accurately control the above factors to ensure that the quality of self-adhesive labels meets customer requirements, while ensuring production efficiency and cost control.

Application of self-adhesive labels

Adhesive labels have a wide range of application scenarios and have been widely used in various industries such as product packaging, electronic products, and pharmaceuticals. For example, retailers can use them to label prices or describe products, pharmaceutical factories can attach labels such as classification, batch, and source information to drug shells, and electronic product manufacturers can also use self-adhesive labels to label battery precautions and warning information.

In addition, with the rise of the Internet of Things and intelligent supply chain, self-adhesive labels are also widely used in traceability identification, anti-counterfeiting traceability, inventory management and logistics tracking, which can help enterprises better achieve automated management and Digital transformation of production operations.