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Scope of application of self-adhesive labels


Self adhesive labels are a common type of sticker product widely used in various industries. This article will introduce the definition, application scope, ingredients, characteristics, and advantages of self-adhesive labels.

Adhesive labels: application scope, characteristics, and advantages

What is a self-adhesive label?

A self-adhesive label is a type of label that is directly attached to an object, consisting of a surface material, backing paper, and adhesive. Its surface material is usually white or transparent polyester film or thermosensitive paper, which can print various words, patterns, barcodes and other information. The backing paper is usually silicon paper, which deposits adhesive on the label to ensure that the label can easily adhere to the surface of the object.

Application scope of self-adhesive labels

As a universal sticker, self-adhesive labels have been widely used in many industries. The following are the main application areas:

1. Food packaging

In the food industry, self-adhesive labels are often used for packaging, classification, and quality control. For example, labels affixed to cans and plastic bottles can tell consumers about the ingredients, production date, and shelf life of the product.

2. The pharmaceutical industry

Adhesive labels are also used in medical equipment and drug packaging. For example, labels attached to medication bottles can indicate the dosage and method of use of the medication.

3. Logistics industry

In the fields of logistics and warehousing, self-adhesive labels are commonly used to track and manage the flow of goods. For example, if there are stickers with barcodes on the packaging of goods, we can use a scanner to quickly scan the labels to accurately locate the location of the goods.

4. Electronic Industry

Adhesive labels also play an important role in the production of electronic equipment. For example, a large number of self-adhesive labels are used on mobile phones, computers, and other smart devices to identify components such as components and connectors.

Nowadays, self-adhesive labels have been widely used in various fields. With the development of technology and the innovation of printing technology, self-adhesive labels continuously optimize their printing effect and durability, becoming an indispensable part of many enterprises in brand marketing, brand promotion, and product identification.