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​ Adhesive Printing Technology


Self adhesive printing is a special printing process, which can spray a layer of glue or Hot-melt adhesive on the surface of materials, and apply labels or stickers to products. This technology has been widely applied in fields such as packaging, transportation, and product labeling, but can we use self-adhesive printing technology to improve production efficiency? This article will explore this from a technical perspective and provide our suggestions.

Can we use self-adhesive printing technology to improve production efficiency?

Adhesive Printing Technology

Non adhesive printing technology is a printing method based on the principle of adhesive curing, which is called non adhesive printing because using this adhesive does not require waiting for it to dry. This printing method is suitable for various labels, such as barcode labels, self sealing bags, trademarks, stickers, receipts, etc. The advantage of this printing method is that it can quickly and accurately locate markings, and has anti-counterfeiting functions. It can also be applied to various types of products.

Application of Adhesive Printing

Adhesive printing technology is widely used in many industries, especially in the packaging field. For example, labels can be directly attached to goods to avoid additional psychological costs and quickly identify products, making it easier for consumers to discover the products they need while also facilitating production management information recording. For products such as food and drugs that require identification of production date and expiration date, self-adhesive printing can be used to print this information to meet regulatory requirements. In addition, it can also be applied to industries such as electronic devices, cosmetics, alcohol, automotive parts, aerospace, and medical devices for labeling, tracking, and management.

In the manufacturing industry, self-adhesive printing can directly label labels on items, such as serial numbers and batch numbers, for easy identification and management of production line information. In the field of warehousing and logistics, self-adhesive labels can also be used to quickly identify goods and enhance inventory management.

In summary, self-adhesive printing technology is widely used in multiple industries, improving production efficiency and management level by quickly and accurately printing various labels, and providing consumers with a better shopping experience.