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Multiple colors and sizes available for selection


As a widely used identification material in various industries, self-adhesive labels not only provide rich information, but also enhance the beauty and characteristics of products, which is beneficial for increasing sales and brand awareness. Among them, different color and size choices also have a significant impact on product quality and brand image.

Adhesive labels: Available in multiple colors and sizes

1. Color selection

Adhesive labels can be selected in different colors as needed, such as white, black, red, yellow, blue, and so on. Labels of different colors can be matched with the packaging or design of the product to achieve better aesthetic effects, while also distinguishing between different product series or functions. For example, some health products often use golden labels to highlight their "nourishing and health preserving" effects.

2. Size selection

The size of the adhesive label can also be selected according to needs. Enterprises can choose labels of different sizes based on factors such as the size, shape, and purpose of product packaging. Large size labels are usually used to describe the name, ingredients, specifications, and other information of a product, while small and medium-sized labels are commonly used to describe the characteristics, functions, promotional information, and other contents of a product.

In addition, various colors and sizes of self-adhesive labels that meet practical needs can be selected based on different industries and application scenarios, in order to achieve better promotional effects and brand image shaping.

In summary, as a widely used identification material in various industries, the color and size selection of self-adhesive labels have a significant impact on the quality of products and brand image. Enterprises should choose appropriate self-adhesive labels based on product characteristics and marketing needs to improve product quality and brand competitiveness.