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Adhesive label printing solution


Adhesive label printing is currently the most widely used printing method in the printing industry. It has the advantages of fast printing speed, low cost, and bright colors, and is widely used in industries such as food packaging, medical devices, cosmetics, etc. However, in the actual printing process, various problems may also arise in the printing of self-adhesive labels. Next, we will analyze these common problems and provide corresponding solutions.

Common problems and solutions for sticker printing

1. Poor printing quality

Poor printing quality is one of the most common problems in the printing process of self-adhesive labels. Usually, this is related to the accuracy and adjustment of printing equipment. If the accuracy of the printing machine is insufficient or improperly adjusted, it may lead to issues such as blurry labels and inaccurate colors printed. Therefore, before printing, it is necessary to thoroughly inspect and adjust the printing equipment.

2. Improper material selection

There are various types of self-adhesive label materials, and each material has its own applicable occasions. If the wrong material is selected, it can lead to poor printing quality, poor durability, and other issues. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully select suitable adhesive materials before printing, based on factors such as the usage situation and product characteristics.

3. Insufficient die cutting accuracy

In the printing of self-adhesive labels, die-cutting is a very important step. If the die cutting accuracy is insufficient, it will lead to inaccurate label dimensions, edge burrs, and other issues. To avoid these problems, it is necessary to use high-precision die-cutting knives and make appropriate adjustments and checks before die-cutting.

4. Printing speed too fast

Printing too fast is also a common problem. If the printing speed is too fast, it can lead to problems such as uneven ink spraying and insufficient drying time, which can affect printing quality. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the printing speed appropriately during the printing process to ensure printing quality.

5. Inaccurate color

Inaccurate colors are also a common issue. This may be related to factors such as insufficient color correction of printing equipment and unreasonable ink ratio. To address these issues, it is necessary to perform color correction on printing equipment, adjust ink ratio, and use high-quality color correction instruments for testing.

These issues are very common in the printing process of self-adhesive labels. But as long as we master the corresponding solution, we can complete the printing task more smoothly. Therefore, in the actual operation process, we need to carefully analyze the causes of the problems and make corresponding adjustments and improvements based on the actual situation to improve the printing quality. At the same time, when selecting printing equipment and adhesive materials, it is also necessary to carefully consider their applicability and quality to avoid problems.

In short, adhesive label printing is a highly technical task that requires careful consideration of every aspect to ensure printing quality and efficiency. I hope that the solution provided in this article can provide readers with reference and guidance in the process of adhesive label printing.