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How to store self-adhesive labels correctly?


Adhesive labels are a type of printing material commonly used in logistics, retail, and other fields. Their quality and effectiveness directly affect the operational efficiency and economic benefits of related industries. To ensure the quality and service life of self-adhesive labels, it is necessary to pay attention to their correct storage methods. Here are several key points for proper storage of self-adhesive labels.

How to store self-adhesive labels correctly?

1. Storage environment

The correct storage environment is crucial for adhesive labels. Adhesive labels are susceptible to factors such as light, oxidation, and humidity, so it is necessary to choose a dry, cool, and ventilated place for storage. At the same time, direct sunlight, high temperature environments, humidity, toxic gases, and other conditions should be avoided to avoid affecting the quality and effectiveness of the label.

2. Storage location

When storing self-adhesive labels, it is important to avoid mixing them with other chemicals or items, especially those with harmful substances and irritating odors. At the same time, attention should be paid to measures such as moisture-proof, dustproof, and anti-static to ensure that the surface of the label is clean and tidy, and to avoid pollution and damage. In addition, in the packaging of labels, attention should also be paid to using packaging materials that meet standards to avoid affecting the quality of labels due to damage and other reasons.

3. Storage temperature and humidity

The storage temperature and humidity of adhesive labels should be within an appropriate range, with a recommended temperature of 20-25 ℃ and a relative humidity of over 40%. If the environment is too humid, the adhesive label can easily absorb moisture and deform, and in severe cases, it may even become unable to peel off. Low humidity can cause the adhesive label to lose its stickiness and affect its effectiveness.

4. Regular inspection

After long-term storage, the quality of self-adhesive labels may also be affected, such as reduced stickiness, color fading, etc. Therefore, during the storage process, it is necessary to regularly check the quality of labels and the integrity of packaging materials, and promptly handle any abnormalities found.

In summary, the correct storage methods for self-adhesive labels include selecting a suitable storage environment, avoiding mixing other items, controlling storage temperature and humidity, and conducting regular inspections. Only under the correct storage conditions can the quality and effectiveness of self-adhesive labels be guaranteed, and production efficiency and economic benefits be improved.