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Materials and Processes in Adhesive Printing


Self adhesive printing is a modern, efficient, and high-quality printing technology widely used in various industries, such as production and manufacturing, logistics and distribution. In the process of self-adhesive printing, materials and processes are key factors that affect printing quality. The specific content will be introduced below.

Key influencing factors of materials and processes in self-adhesive printing

1. Material selection

Adhesive printing requires the use of specialized materials for printing, mainly including adhesive paper, ink, film, etc. Among them, adhesive paper has the greatest impact on printing quality, as its material, viscosity, thickness, and other factors all have an impact on the printing effect. Therefore, in adhesive printing, high-quality materials should be selected and reasonable combinations should be made according to actual needs.

2. Coating method

The coating methods in adhesive printing include water-based coating and solvent coating, and different coating methods can have a significant impact on the printing effect. Generally speaking, water-based coating can make the surface of printed materials smoother and odorless, but its color brightness is relatively low; Solvent based coating can make printed materials more colorful, but it can cause certain harm to the environment and operators, and safety precautions should be taken.

3. Printing machine

In the process of self-adhesive printing, the printing machine is also one of the key factors affecting the printing effect. The quality and performance of printing machines will directly affect printing speed, accuracy, stability, and other aspects. Therefore, when choosing a printing machine, it is necessary to choose equipment with high quality and performance according to actual needs to ensure printing results.

4. Printing plate production

Printing plate is an indispensable production tool in self-adhesive printing, and the quality and accuracy of printing plate production will affect the clarity, color brightness, and other aspects of the printed product. Therefore, in the process of printing plate production, high-precision and high-quality equipment needs to be used, while also adjusting and optimizing according to actual needs.

5. Printing environment

The printing environment is also an important influencing factor in adhesive printing, including temperature, humidity, airflow, dust, and other aspects. During the printing process, it is necessary to control the printing environment to avoid any impact on the surface of the printed matter, while also improving printing efficiency and quality.

In summary, the factors that affect printing quality in self-adhesive printing include material selection, coating method, printing machine, printing plate production, and printing environment. In actual production, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the specific situation and take corresponding measures to optimize, in order to achieve better printing effects and economic benefits. At the same time, in the process of self-adhesive printing, attention should also be paid to safe operation to avoid dangerous factors that may cause harm to operators.